Hello world!

I decided to start a blog about my experience trying to conceive of, build, launch and succeed with a consumer internet service.  I imagine there are myriads of blogs of this nature on the internet, and I assure you this one won’t be much different.

It will be personal and opinionated.  It will be about startups and technology. And I will try to tell a story about our ups and downs that is at least interesting.  If it becomes a sort of warning to others, so be it.  But I would be especially pleased if it lets you avoid our mistakes.  For me, it’s just a way of documenting the daily  goings on.

Finally, I am not on a mission to forewarn or share fundamental insights that I’ve accumulated over decades of entrepreneurship.  I don’t have them. This blog is about the events that happen as they happen.

Don’t expect well-researched articles about the industry. These consume a lot of time. I’ll gladly leave this work to the experts, and I will refer to them when necessary.

My opinions are my own.  When I say “our”, I mean the team that is working together to build this service.  At the moment, we are two co-founders including myself.  As this blog evolves I will gradually reveal more about who we are and what we are trying to achieve.


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