Persevere – it’s the only way

By now you have probably heard about the explosions that shook the Moscow metro yesterday.

I am in Moscow now, and I’ve been living here for three and a half years. Every single day I change trains at the metro station where the blast took the lives of 25 people yesterday. I travel past the other station where another 14 lives were lost on my way to and from work.

I pass by two candlelight vigils now.

In the aftermath of such an event one is naturally preoccupied with the future and the new uncertainty it suddenly represents. How do we go about our daily lives? How are our lives going to be affected by this attack, and what, if anything, would change? The experience of being so close to acts of arbitrary and senseless violence is numbing at first and only then sobering.

The immediate response to live news coverage of yesterday morning was one of sheer helplessness. This feeling has now had 24 hours to fade, and if I am to extract any salient lesson from this experience it would be to always try your best to squash the paralysis, look for an actionable plan, avoid sitting idly and dwelling on the horror, continue to live, do something, persevere.

This is the same advice I would give to entrepreneurs, although I swore not to use this blog for imparting advice.

Don’t let adversity and hardship translate into inaction and paralysis. Don’t let it overwhelm you.

Why are you in a situation you are in? What can be changed to avoid this happening in the future? Learn, formulate a plan, execute it. Calculate new risks, live with them.

Inaction, paralysis, and helplessness are the worst. This is what has the greatest potential to undo your enterprise and your sanity. It’s not the hardships that ultimately unravel plans, it’s most often our inability or unwillingness or sluggishness in brining our actions in line with the new circumstances.

Just keep at it..


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