What we learned by polling people (part 2)


Picking up where I left of last time talking about getting people to vote, once you get them to vote, what do they actually vote for?

Here too we were surprised by the results:

  • JustLiked – 66%
  • LikeWisely – 18%
  • Irresistibly – 16%

Frankly speaking before we set out to do the polling I expected JustLiked and LikeWisely percentages to be reversed. I would have probably bet money on it too. Not on the spread, but at least on the winning order. Alas, the people have proven me wrong.

So why JustLiked? Trying to think about it is an exercise in pure conjecture. I think it’s the most understandable and accessible choice, which doesn’t require the mental agility and imagination of the two other choice (if you voted that way, I am sorry :) ).

I am the author of LikeWisely option and I found it heartbreaking that only 18% appreciated subtlety, fine nuance and play on words I worked so hard to mix in there — “wisdom”, “likeness”, and the ever-popular .ly top-level domain all baked into one cool name. What else could you ask for? Apparently, JustLiked.

There was some palpable co-founder tension around the names, and I am glad we are past that now. In fact getting an independent opinion was one of the reasons to do the poll in the fist place. After all you can’t argue with vox populi. The other reason for doing it this was to curb the irrational enthusiasm each one attached to the name he picked.

So thank you all for taking part in this experiment. And just like this we are now JustLiked.


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