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2011 Recap: 80,000 miles, 3 moves, 2 new jobs, and more

To say it was a tumultuous year would not do it justice. To think it was only a year would be to underestimate it by at least a lifetime. Continue reading


Raffl – Toying with a new idea for my next project

Polling Hacker News: What should I build next?

Having implemented and launched a large swath of new Turn-O-Phrase functionality over the last 2 months (namely, the puzzle designer and the custom puzzle user flow), I find myself at the proverbial crossroads. On a whim and without hoping for any real response, I decided to ask Hacker News what I should be building next.

I got really lucky and the poll got upvoted enough times to stay on the ‘new’ page for more than 3 hours, ensuring that a lot of people saw it and had a chance to vote. Some 125 kind souls ended up voting, which I consider a huge, statistically-significant success. There were also quite a few constructive comments and criticisms.

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