Monthly Archives: February 2013

Shutter the guilt. Stop chasing the numbers. Just write.

When I started this blog over three years ago, it was my personal goal to blog at least once a week. It wasn’t for the shortage of things to say that I needed to space out my posts, it was because of the lack of sleep and excess of enthusiasm for the little project I was working on at the time – justliked (now RIP) – that I couldn’t find time to blog more often.¬†

Even through the good stretches here I never hit my self-imposed once-per-week target. It was more like once every two weeks. Now it’s more like once a month, if that. It’s naturally to feel anxious about those times, and I have been in that boat far too many times.

If you are not “present” for a few weeks, the world still goes on without you. Just remember that you are always justified in fulfilling the most important thing obligation first, even if it’s not writing.

Last year, about 2 years into blogging, I finally managed to get my proverbial big break with¬†The one interview question I always ask, a post that went viral and still drives about 80% of the traffic to this blog. You should read it. It’s really good.

Anyways, as hits tend to do, it got me too wrapped up in chasing that next big one, and the quality of writing suffered as a result. I wasn’t as passionate and direct about the subjects I wrote about, and it showed. If you watch the numbers, things can get pretty depressing. Sitting down and writing becomes an effort to convince yourself that the next post will be different. That is if you write for the numbers.

What I learned is that if you don’t write for the numbers, then you are free to be happy about every piece of your writing, not just those that do well.

Truth is I have just as much that I want to write about as before, but this time around my free time (actually the remainder of my mental energy that can be used for blogging) has been sapped by Bagrace, which I am insanely excited to be working on. I still have a little free time left, but little will to use it for blogging – an understandable weakness.

All of this is to say: I’ll be back. :)