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Free college advice you didn’t know you needed

College advice is a lot like good parenting advice:

  • You have to take it for what’s it’s worth,
  • There are just as many approaches and theories as there are quacks professing them,
  • It all seems so obvious in retrospect (retrospect here being once you graduate from college or become a parent).

It is the very special time of year when college acceptance letters come a-fluttering in. Hopes are dashed, dreams are buoyed, and some life plans seem irrevocably derailed. I imagine there a kind of novel finality about them that to many of high schoolers comes for the first time as a reality of “odds”.

For the record, I do not remember exactly what I felt when I opened mine 14 years ago. Chances are 14 years from now you won’t either.

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Multi-hattery: Startup life distilled

In many respects my side-project engagement with Bagrace epitomizes the startup experience we all love reading about so much. This is as real as it gets, folks.

What can it be compared to besides wearing multiple hats? How about operating a stove with 20 burners, drinking from a firehose, and typing with your left foot all at the same time.

The span of one person’s reach in a small enterprise just boggles the mind.¬†Here is a list of what’s been on my plate over the last week, just to give you a taste of the kind of wild ride it is…
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