About Me

Yours truly (circa 2006)

I got my masters in computer science from UC Berkeley.

Then I went on to bootstrap software product strategy for a startup called MeshNetics. I also ran the company’s worldwide technical pre-sale and system integration organization for 400+ accounts. Here I am  interviewed by NY Times about MeshNetics’ undoing (not my fault).

I am now a product Manager at Wireless Generation where I oversee API development for a large, nationwide educational data platform in the cloud (not that kind of cloud).

In the off hours I am a closeted entrepreneur, wannabe hacker, blogger. I made LinkPeelr,Turn-O-Phrase and Mission Statement.

I would love to hear from you! Online, there is Twitter, LinkedIn, and email (<first name>.<last name>@gmail.com). Offline, I live in NYC where there are a lot of coffee shops and places to meet.

Note: The picture at the top of this page is a sunset over Moscow, where I lived between 2006 and 2011. If I last in Manhattan until 2016, I would be obliged to put another beautiful skyline shot up there.