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How I grew my blog by 500% in 8 months (not really)

Disclaimer: It’s going to be a long one.

“One Budding Entrepreneur’s Story” turned 8 months on October 2nd, and I feel like enough time has elapsed to sum up my experiences writing and promoting this hodgepodge of musings, commentary, thoughts and shameful self-promotion.

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5 Steps to Escaping (Entrepreneurial) Mediocrity

This comment originally appeared in response to Ask HN: Does reading HN ever make you feel like shit? I got a few points for it, and I thought that it was worth reposting here. Here it is, extended and edited for style.

I know you are out there. You watch the improbable rise of a startup based on the same idea you’ve had for years. You ponder the immense paydays for founders which seem no more capable than you are. You obsessively follow them on Twitter (all the while putting up with their smug comments) somehow hoping to find something in what they say that would justify your own relative obscurity. You read the press coverage on TechCrunch detailing their startup’s next (naturally unprecedented) round of funding. And you wonder: “WHY THEM? WHY NOT ME?”

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