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Structured discovery, social media, and game dynamics walk into a bar


Structured discovery is a set of steps by which a user interacts with an application to discover something new and, if the stars are aligned, something valuable. Even the most immersive worlds of modern 3D games have their rules. Levels generated on the fly still obey some designer’s intent for the user to see things in a certain order and at a certain pace. A Twitter user three degrees of separation away will take 3*a+b mouse clicks to find, assuming you click here, scroll all the way down here, click there and so on. You get the point.

Think about a kind of “value map” or “reward map” for your application. Where is the value concentrated for your users? What motivates the users to jump through the hoops and obey all the rules and how many hoops can they tolerate before getting frustrated and leaving? Is it the process of slashing monsters or the progress to the next level that is most rewarding?


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